Your life with WakeMe™  


As the evening sets in, you find yourself reaching for your phone to set the alarm on your WakeMe™. You know that you have a hard time putting your phone away in bed, so you give yourself 15 minutes of screen time before the Scroll-Stop Function kicks in. It's been a lifesaver, ensuring you get all the hours of sleep you need.

When the morning gently arises, you're nudged out of sleep by the soft simulation of a sunrise. As the gentle glow gradually fills your room, you awaken naturally, feeling refreshed and invigorated for the day ahead.

Since you got your WakeMe™, evenings are no longer marred by the anxiety of oversleeping or the dread of waking up to a blaring alarm. Instead, you set your desired wake-up time with confidence, knowing that the advanced SoftWake Technology will gently rouse you from sleep, ensuring a peaceful start to your day. With each evening, you find solace in the knowledge that a restful night awaits, and each morning, you awaken feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day ahead.