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Create better sleep routines with WakeMe™

WakeMe™ is a groundbreaking smart alarm clock that helps you stop scrolling before bedtime, gets you out of bed on time in the morning, and prevents you from falling back asleep. WakeMe™ assists and motivates you to establish better sleep routines and ensures that you have a harmonious awakening every day! It's the optimal tool when your own discipline is not enough.

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Break free from the endless scrolling cycle. WakeMe™'s unique scroll-stop system helps you establish a healthy bedtime routine and improve your sleep quality.

SoftWake™ technology

No more abrupt awakenings or stressful mornings. WakeMe™ alarm clock wakes you up very gently, ensuring a peaceful start to your day.

Morning missions

Erase the stress of not knowing if you will get up on time and feel completely at ease knowing WakeMe will get you up and out of bed at the exact time you set.

Advanced WakeUp light

Do you want to increase your chances to feel rested when the alarm goes off in the morning? Experience WakeMe™'s powerful WakeUp light and boost your morning energy and mood.

World's loudest alarm clock

WakeMe™ offers an alarm volume of up to 120 dB. If you ignore missions or attempt to cheat the scroll-stop setting, the alarm volume will escalate until you respond.

Ultra-portable format

The device is small and is easy to bring on your travels making sure you can enjoy a great waking experience wherever you are.


Frequently asked questions

For more questions please check out our dedicated FAQ section.

Why not just use an app without a device?

There are several reasons to choose our solution, which combines a device with an app, over using just an app. Here are a few:

  1. An app alone cannot compel you to leave your bed. While some apps may claim to do so, users can easily delete them and return to sleep. However, with our solution, deleting the app won't affect the alarm function as the sound originates from the device rather than the app.
  2. Unlike an app, which can only wake you with sound and/or vibration, our solution features an advanced Wake-up light. This light simulates a sunrise, a method clinically proven to facilitate waking up and getting out of bed.
  3. An app alone cannot enforce a user to set aside their phone. However, our optional smart 'Screen Time Restriction' system can accomplish precisely that. If you don't comply WakeMe starts beeping until you put your phone away.
Can't I just delete the app and go back to sleep?

All apps can be deleted from a smartphone within a few seconds, and our app is no exception. However, if the alarm is beeping, the sound originates from the WakeMe device, not the app. This means that deleting the app will have no effect; the alarm will continue to beep. To stop the alarm, you would need to download the app again and complete the mission you have set.

Do I need to use the app to control WakeMe?

Yes, there is no way to control WakeMe except by using the app. If WakeMe had conventional buttons like on/off or volume controls, it would provide a very easy way to cheat.

Is the companion app free?

Yes it's absolutely free to download and use. Nu subscription is needed.

How environmentally friendly is WakeMe?

We take environmental concerns extremely seriously! Compared to other wake-up lights, WakeMe is much smaller and lighter. This results in less material usage, less energy required for production, and lower energy needs for transport. Additionally, our packaging is designed to minimize the amount of air shipped.


Try at home for 30 days. Get a full refund if you are not satisfied - no questions asked.

We are confident that you will like your WakeMe. However, if you for some reason want a refund - please contact us within 30 days of receiving the package!

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Some words from our late stage test users:


What makes WakeMe™ stand out?

WakeMe™ Alarm Clock redefines the wake-up experience with its unparalleled mission-based AI system that ensures you not only get out of bed but also prevent you from going back. The collaboration between the alarm device and the app ensures that with the correct settings, it becomes impossible to cheat, setting it apart from competitors.

WakeMe™ has thought of the whole sleep-process where the perfect morning starts the moment you get ready for bed. The ScrollStop Function helps establish a healthy bedtime routine, and its user-friendly design allows for easy customization. SoftWake technology provides a gentle awakening, while the WakeUp Light simulates sunrise for a natural start. When its time to get out of bed WakeMe™'s mornings missions kicks in and forces you out of bed - and prevents you from going back.

Take control over your scrolling habits

Experience WakeMe™'s unique Scroll-Stop function

WakeMe™ offers the ultimate solution to late-night phone scrolling. With our innovative ScrollStop function, you're in control. Set your preferred sleep duration and say goodbye to endless scrolling with our automatic activation. No cheating – our alarm ensures you stick to your goals. Customize your experience, stay focused, and reclaim your sleep with WakeMe™.

Create sustainable routines

Your personal sleep assistant

WakeMe™ serves as your personal assistant and bringing the discipline you might struggle to create by yourself. WakeMe™ Alarm Clock can assist you in putting away your phone in the evenings, ensuring you wake up on time, and preventing you from falling back asleep.

WakeMe™'s advanced technology makes sure you are having a the wake up experience of a lifetime - every day!