Frequently Asked Questions

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Why not just use an alarm app without an alarm unit?

There are several reasons to choose our solution, which combines a device with an app, over using just an app. Here are a few:

  1. An app alone cannot compel you to leave your bed. While some apps may claim to do so, users can easily delete them and return to sleep. However, with our solution, deleting the app won't affect the alarm function as the sound originates from the device rather than the app.
  2. Unlike an app, which can only wake you with sound and/or vibration, our solution features an advanced Wake-up light. This light simulates a sunrise, a method clinically proven to facilitate waking up and getting out of bed.
  3. An app alone cannot enforce a user to set aside their phone. However, our optional smart 'Screen Time Restriction' system can accomplish precisely that. If you don't comply WakeMe™ starts beeping until you put your phone away.
Can't I just delete the app and go back to sleep?

All apps can be deleted from a smartphone within a few seconds, and our app is no exception. However, if the alarm is on, the sound comes from the WakeMe™ device, not the app. This means that deleting the app will have no effect; the alarm will continue to beep. To stop the alarm, you would need to download the app again and complete the mission you have set.

Can't I just pull the cable and go back to sleep?

Nope! WakeMe™ features a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 620 mAh, ensuring the device remains operational for at least 28 hours. This feature proves invaluable during power failures or attempts to circumvent the system by unplugging the cable.

Can't I just throw it out the window and go back to sleep?

"If this is a scenario you're worried about, there's, of course, a solution for that as well. For extreme users, we recommend mounting WakeMe™ on a wall, a nightstand, or any other fixed object using the included mounting kit. The alarm unit can only be dismounted when the alarm is not active. WakeMe™ is equipped with a unique locking system controlled via the app, meaning you cannot remove the cover and access the mounting mechanism when the alarm is active."

Can't I just cover the WakeMe™ unit with a pillow or something similar to dampen the alarm and go back to sleep?

If you configure your volume settings correctly, it won't be a sustainable solution. When the volume is set properly, it will gradually increase and reach levels that easily penetrate anything you try to cover the alarm unit with.

WakeMe™ can be set to impressive volume levels of up to 120 dB, making it more powerful than many fire alarms at its maximum level. Unlike many other alarm clocks on the market, the speakers are also positioned underneath the unit, making it much harder to lower the alarm volume by covering it.

Can't I just smash the WakeMe™ unit with a hammer and go back to sleep?

Honestly, this is not a frequently asked question, but we have considered this scenario as well! The answer is: no, you can't. WakeMe is extremely compact and made of very durable and tough materials. Attempting to smash it with a hammer has absolutely no effect. Additionally, there is no way to disassemble WakeMe to remove the backup battery; this can only be done when the alarm is off.

Is the WakeMe™ app free?

Yes it's completely free to download and use. No subscription is needed.

Does WakeMe™ listen to me in my bedroom?

Absolutely not! Unlike smart speakers and various sleep apps, WakeMe™ does NOT listen, record, or spy on you in any way.

How loud is the alarm?

To ensure that you don't sleep through the alarm, the volume gradually increases if you don't complete the tasks you set the night before. The volume stops at a preset value that you determine. The highest available preset value at a whopping 120 dB, making WakeMe™ the most powerful alarm clock on the market!

How environmentally friendly is WakeMe™?

We take our environmental impact very seriously! Compared to many other WakeUp lights, WakeMe™ is much smaller and lighter, and has been designed to have the smallest environmental footprint possible. The compact design means less material usage, lower energy requirements during production, and reduced energy needs during transportation. Additionally, WakeMe™'s packaging has been minimized to the smallest possible to minimize the amount of 'air' being shipped.

What happens if my phone battery dies before I managed to stop the alarm?

If your phone has run out of battery and died, you will need to charge your phone or sync your WakeMe™ with another phone to deactivate the alarm. WakeMe™ is designed to minimize the risk of human error hindering you from establishing good sleep routines, but some aspects are difficult to program away. To prevent this situation from occurring, make sure to charge your phone every night.

Does WakeMe™ emit any light?

No, it does not. Well, of course it does if the simulated sunrise is ongoing, but when sleeping, it does not.

Does WakeMe™ show the time on a screen?

"No, the WakeMe™ device does not have a built-in digital clock. The bedroom should be as dark as possible for optimal sleep, and constantly seeing the time can cause stress because you're aware that you should be sleeping.

Can the WakeMe™ unit be mounted on a wall or similar surface?

Yes, WakeMe™ can be advantageously mounted on a solid surface. For users who struggle significantly with getting up in the morning, this feature can be very helpful. With the WakeMe™ device mounted on a solid object, you can't just 'throw it out the window' and go back to sleep.

For wall mounting, we recommend using a 4 mm screw that is at least 50 mm long. Alternatively, for surfaces like sideboards, nightstands, drawers, or similar, we recommend using our mounting kit. With the mounting kit, the WakeMe™ device will be secured using the world's strongest double-sided tape from 3M.

Do I need to use the app to control the WakeMe™ unit?

Yes, there is no way to control the WakeMe™ device other than using the app. If WakeMe™ had conventional buttons such as on/off or volume controls, it would be much easier to deviate from tasks and turn off the alarm.

Can I use WakeMe™ as a bedside lamp?

No, not yet but we are working on it!

Do I need Wi-Fi?

Nope! The WakeMe™ unit connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Is it difficult to install WakeMe™?

Absolutely not! You will be ready to set your first alarm literally within a few seconds.

Can I connect to multiple WakeMe™ units?

No, only one WakeMe™ can be connected to the app at a time. However, you can have multiple WakeMe™ devices in different locations and disconnect the one you want to stop using and sync with the new one.

Can multiple users share the same WakeMe™ device?

Unfortunately not. Only one phone can be paired with a WakeMe™ device at a time.

Will WakeMe™ work with my smart assistant (e.g., Alexa, HomePod) or smart home app (e.g., IFTTT)?

Not at this point, but we are working on it.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty. For warranty support, please contact us via email.

Is WakeMe™ available locally in retail stores?

At the moment, WakeMe is exclusively available online.

Can I take my WakeMe™ with me on my trip?

Definitely! Since WakeMe™ uses Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi, you can use your device anywhere, provided you have a power outlet. In places where there are no power outlets, you can use a power bank. We recommend a power bank with specifications of 5V, 2.5A (minimum), and at least 5000 mAh, as the simulated sunrise feature can consume a lot of power.

Is WakeMe™ water resistant?

No, WakeMe is designed for indoor use only.

My phone can no longer connect to my WakeMe™ unit, what should I do?

First, try these steps: Double-check that Bluetooth is enabled. Restart the app. Reinstall the app. If none of these steps work, there is one final option: Disconnect the cable and allow the backup battery to run out of power. This process will take at least 28 hours. Once the battery is depleted, reconnect the cable to restart WakeMe. If the issue persists, please contact us for further assistance!

Can I set recurring alarms, for example one alarm for weekdays and one for weekends?

No, unfortunately not. We have deactivated that function for the time being as it can lead to issues if one forgets that they have an alarm activated and travels away without taking the device with them.

How can WakeMe™ be so cheap compared to other wakeup-lights and smart alarms?

Mainly because we have managed to make the device ultra-compact and lightweight. This makes it much less expensive to manufacture and ship.

Can I leave my phone outside the bedroom with the alarm activated?

Sure! However, certain functionality is lost if you don't have the phone in the room, such as the SoftWake feature.

WakeMe™ has no buttons and can't be operated without the app, which forces users to rely on their phones. This seems problematic since screen usage should ideally be low at night. How do you justify this?

It is correct that phone usage should be low at night, and there are benefits to leaving the phone in another room when it's time to sleep. However, we and many with us, have come to the conclusion that there are very few that want to be far from their phones. Our phones have become like an extended arm and a source of security. Therefore, we have instead focused on solving the problems of screen usage in the bedroom without you being forced to leave the phone in another room.

WakeMe™'s unique ScrollStop feature allows you to have the phone nearby but ensures that usage and scrolling are limited when your own discipline isn't enough. WakeMe™'s ScrollStop requires you to put down the phone but allows you to have apps running in the background, enabling you to listen to audiobooks or similar.

Is WakeMe™ a "Smart Speaker"?

No, it's not. WakeMe™ is an alarm clock with a built-in wakeup light. You cannot control the WakeMe™ unit with your voice.

What makes WakeMe™'s screen time restriction different compared to other apps and built-in operating system functions?

With WakeMe™'s ScrollStop solution, you cannot bypass or stop the limitation. You cannot disable the ScrollStop alarm by deleting the app or changing the settings.

I like to wear a sleep mask during the night, making the sunrise lamp useless, correct?

There are two main benefits of using a WakeUp light. One is to gradually wake you up, making the waking process more pleasant. The other benefit is that the light makes you feel more alert and awake. Even short periods of bright light have a surprisingly large impact on your alertness. With SoftWake, you can set a gentle alarm to start at the same time as the sunrise begins. If you can train yourself to remove the mask when the first soft alarm goes off, you can still reap the benefits of the simulated sunrise. Most of our users who sleep with masks say they have learned to do this.