Get to know the features of WakeMe™

App + alarm device

The WakeMe™ Alarm Clock comprises two components: an app and an alarm unit featuring a built-in wake-up light. These elements collaborate to assist you in establishing improved routines for both sleep and overall life.

WakeMe™ has meticulously addressed various shortcomings of existing apps and devised effective solutions.

The alarm unit acts as an additional security feature, preventing any attempts to cheat or return to sleep. It also supports the scroll-stop function, ensuring that you cannot circumvent the system by, for example, deleting the app

Morning missions powered by AI

Scan a sink. To help you get out of bed, you can opt for the option of scanning a sink to stop the alarm. If you're concerned that you might just return to bed, this feature can be set to require scanning twice with a preferred interval in between.

Keep in motion. Another feature of the WakeMe™ is the setting where you and your phone must remain in motion to prevent the alarm from reactivating. You can choose the duration and preferred sensitivity. This feature is designed to detect if you are trying to cheat - so it's just for you to get up and get moving!

Scan a made bed. To deter you from returning to sleep, we've incorporated a feature that requires you to make your bed within a specific timeframe and scan it to confirm you are awake and out of bed. This feature not only helps keep you alert, but also kickstarts your day with a sense of achievement from the very beginning.

ScrollStop™ for better sleep

One of WakeMe™'s standout features is its ScrollStop function, providing users with the ability to dictate when it's time to set aside their phones. By setting the desired sleep duration, the scroll stop activates accordingly. The alarm unit will sound if an attempt is made to bypass the ScrollStop, making it unbearable to continue.

This feature boasts a range of customizable settings, allowing users to tailor their phone usage conditions. Options include setting the duration of the scroll stop, defining permitted usage times for minor activities such as answering a text message, and choosing whether to allow extra time before the scroll stop activates. If the phone screen is used while the scroll stop is active, the user will first get two warning notifications. If the user does not respond WakeMe will start beeping. The volume will then gradually increase until the user stops using the screen and puts the phone away.

With the ScrollStop function, users can keep their phones nearby in the bedroom while effectively curbing late-night scrolling habits.

Unique SoftWake™ function

Who doesn't enjoy a good snooze session? But what if you could experience that wonderful feeling of falling back to sleep without abrupt alarms, and with the reassurance that you'll wake up exactly at the time you've set?

WakeMe™'s unique SoftWake function gently nudges you out of sleep with meditative sounds before your scheduled wake-up time. Each time your phone begins to sound, simply give it a gentle nudge to silence it again – no need to fumble with the screen or search for the off button. You can customize how many nudges you want and adjust the volume to your preference. Additionally, you can opt to set a pre-alarm to alert you that the main alarm is approaching.

Advanced Wake-Up light

Do you want to increase your chances to feel rested when the larm goes off in the morning? Experience how a natural and gradual awakening with the soft glow of WakeMe™'s compact and powerful wake-up light will effect your morning energy and mood.

The duration and intensity of the sunrise can be customized to your own preferences. WakeMe™ has enough power to lit up even the biggest of bedrooms.

Hard-core settings for deep sleepers

Not convinced WakeMe™ Alarm Clock will get you out of bed? With following settings we can guarantee that you won't go back to sleep.

Mount alarm unit to a nightstand or other fixed surface with the provided mounting-kit.

Alarm volume
Start volume: 3
Volume after 2 min: 6
Volume after 5 min: 10

Wake-up light
Activated (duration 30 min, brightness set to 10/10)

Activated (Three nudges, pre-alarm ON 5 min)

Scan sink x 2 (intervall 8 min)
Keep in motion (30 min)
Make bed (not later than 30 min after first alarm)

Are you still slipping back under the covers after all this? Sorry mate, seems like we've met our match. Good thing is - you're really one of a kind!

Technical specifications
  • Wakeup-light: High quality OSRAM LEDs 2200 Kelvin giving a total of 1040 Lumen. 1-30 minutes simulated sunrise duration.
  • Alarm volume: 50 - 120 db
  • Dimensions: LxWxH (mm) 94x94x37
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Backup battery: 620 mAh, enough to keep the device running for at least 24h during a power failure.
  • Cable length: 1,5 m
  • Water resistant: No

The patent is currently pending and is expected to become registered in Q3-Q4 2024. Once registered it will be described here in detail.